UpTrade Protect

Ultimate protection for your phone

hardware warranty

Device protections generally cover new phones and are nontransferable. Buying secondhand shouldn't mean being treated second class. UpTrade Protect offers an extended hardware warranty so you can be equally protected as if purchasing new.

Protection against
accidental damage

It costs up to $329 to repair a broken screen on an iPhone. With UpTrade Protect, you pay a $29 deductible to repair a damaged screen and $99 for any other damage. Phones with water damage are ineligible.

Get friendly
solution-oriented help

Need help? With UpTrade Protect, you won't just get tech support, you'll get solutions and results! All our representatives are invested in your happiness and success of your device.

Price comparison

UpTrade Protect Verizon Protect AT&T Mobile Protection T-Mobile Protection 360 Sprint Complete Protection
Monthly Fee $7 $17 $11.99 $15 $15
Screen damage and other accidental damages Unlimited Unlimited Max 2 Claims in 12 months Max 2 Claims in 24 months Max 3 Claims in 12 months
Lost and Stolen No Yes Yes Yes Yes
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